Rosemary's Mobile Foot Clinic

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Rosemary's Mobile Foot Clinic offers a professional service dedicated to the care of your feet and was established by Rosemary Thomas in 2009. Peter Rys joined in 2012, and they have worked together until the end of 2018 when Rosemary retired. Peter took over the business at the beginning of 2019.
Patient safety, hygiene and service quality are his priorities. He takes cleanliness seriously by following the guidelines set out by the British Association of Foot Health Professionals.
Feet of every patient are cleansed with antiseptic before and after treatment. Aseptic work techniques are used during the treatment. All instruments are sterilized in 134 °C in vacuum sealed pouches  and remain sterile until opened during treatment eliminating risk of cross contamination or infection.
Peter has undergone specialist training and examinations at Stonebridge Associated Colleges and is a member of The Register for Foot Health Practitioners.


Rosemary's Mobile Foot Clinic

Phone: 07884 311860