Valarie Jerome Optometrists

Über uns

Valarie Jerome Optometrists is an independent private optometrists located on Newbury high street. We’re passionate about offering the highest quality eye care, with personalised solutions for all vision and eye health needs. We continue to take the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak seriously and continue to adapt our clinic as the pandemic progresses. To offer the best in service to our patients, we work by appointment only for all exams, spectacle frame consultations and collection fittings of new glasses.

Advanced eye care is our standard service

As a part of all our private comprehensive eye examinations, patients will have advanced retinal imaging with the Optos Daytona Plus machine. While most standard traditional retinal photos give around 45° view of your retina, the Optos Daytona Plus gives a 200° field view of your retina - all in less than a second. Currently used in hospitals, Valarie Jerome Optometrists is pleased to be the first to offer this machine to the Newbury area. Each comprehensive eye examination includes examination with DNEye Scanner®. This innovative technology takes additional measurements to include in your spectacle prescription to improve contrast, reduce night time glare and give you the best vision possible in spectacle lenses. Our advanced and personal approach to eye care gives you a superior service over that of the standard high street service, thus providing you with the long-term reassurance, support and trust that you undeniably want for such an invaluable part of you.


Valarie Jerome Optometrists

49 Northbrook Street
RG14 1DQ Newbury, Berkshire
Phone: 01635 528844